A New Addition to the HSV Fire & Rescue Fleet

Huntsville International Airport added a new airport rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) truck to its fleet in August 2021.

Passengers through Huntsville International Airport can feel more safe than ever thanks to the addition of new airport firefighting and rescue equipment. Port of Huntsville Public Safety received an Oshkosh Global Striker 4X4 ARFF vehicle with some impressive features. including a 50-foot High Reach Extendable Turret(HRET) with a piercing nozzle.

“This gives us the functionality of an elevated master stream for firefighting and also the ability to pierce through the skin of an aircraft and deliver water or foam to concealed fires in cargo areas and passenger cabins,” said Chief Chris Scott of the POH Public Safety Department.

Features of the new ARFF truck include:

  • 0-50 mph in less than 25 seconds
  • Ability to ascend/decent a 50% grade
  • True 4X4 drivetrain
  • 1,500-gallon water capacity
  • 210-gallon foam capacity
  • 500 lbs. – dry chemical capacity
  • 2,000 gpm pump
  • 750 gpm roof turret
  • 750 gpm low attack bumper turret
  • Electronic foam proportioning system (upgrade)
  • On-board input based foam testing capability
  • Two 200-foot preconnected crosslays
  • 100-foot hydrochem booster reel

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