Kerry Logistics Network Begins Service at Americas Hub in Huntsville, Alabama

Kerry Logistics Network began Trans-Pacific air freight service connecting Asia to the USA via Huntsville International Airport in September 2021.

Kerry Logistics Network Limited began new Trans-Pacific air freight service connecting multiple Asian locations to the USA via Huntsville International Airport in September, 2021 with the hope of capturing the heightened demands in the pandemic-hit air freight market. Named Kerry Freight Controlled Network (KCN), the freight integrator centers on the Americas hub set up in Huntsville. Inaugural flights originated from Hong Kong in September 2021.

KCN is a time-definite solution that offers standard air freight services to customers with guaranteed space and long-term pricing, fulfilling the needs of customers looking for stable and long-term solutions. KCN leads the market in heavy air freight integrators with door-to-door solutions for a wide range of products: from small parcels to large and oversized cargoes, including DGR and lithium batteries.

Kerry Logistics Network is partnering with Huntsville International Airport to establish a hub at the airport, operating inbound and outbound air cargo flights as well as trucking connections to provide seamless transportation of goods across the Americas. Kerry will operate multiple aircraft on a weekly basis from select origins in Asia.

“We chose Huntsville as our Americas air freight hub for KCN as it is congestion-free and enjoys expedited transfer of cargo to Latin America and Mexico,” said Kevin Bulger, Chief Operating Officer of USA, Kerry Logistics Network. “With cooperation from HSV, we will be able to execute swift dispatch of cargoes to cities within the USA and Canada. KCN will be a welcomed service in the increasingly tight air cargo market and meet the demands of customers looking for a lasting and reliable solution to their air freight needs.”

“The Port of Huntsville is a Southeast gateway to countries all over the world and makes our region a highly sought-after location for business and industry,” said Rick Tucker, CEO, Port of Huntsville. “Home to the Huntsville International Airport (HSV), Jetplex Industrial Park (JIP) and the International Intermodal Centre (IIC), our Port creates efficient, effective and economical solutions for customers and stimulates the regional economy through a strong transportation infrastructure, global connectivity and innovative logistic solutions. Kerry Logistics Network will enhance HSV’s global connectivity and speed to market solutions. We welcome our newest logistic partner to HSV and look forward to a long term, prosperous partnership.”

“HSV is home to the second longest runway in the Southeast United States at 12,600 feet along with a 10,000-foot runway, providing uncongested operations,” added Barbie Peek, Director of Business Development for the Port of Huntsville. “On-site U.S. Customs presence contributes to HSV’s more effective and efficient operation when compared to overcrowded gateways.”

Huntsville has a geographic advantage with highly competitive drive times from HSV to major markets, Peek added.

“HSV’s primary 26-state catchment area accounts for more than half of the US population and air export tonnage,” Peek said. “HSV’s infrastructure is a blueprint for success and a key ingredient for our new partner Kerry Logistics to be successful.”

Backed by its excellent track record in the industry, the support of carriers, its customs clearance capacity and extensive coverage of major air transit hubs across different regions, KLN’s air freight business, from Asia to the world, surged in 2020.

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